The most smiling djembe drummer North of Antarctica was born in Colombia, with two parents insisting of him to get an education within science. However they quickly accepted the fact that he could not sit still during elementary school, as he time after time got expelled by the teachers for interrupting the classroom, by constantly pounding his hands in the table to the beat of Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’.

Size: 80 x 100 cm.  
Materials: Spray and acrylic paint.    
Price: 6.500 kr.

A rather conservative citizin through his entire life, until his high school sweat heart of a wife left him for her fitness trainer. The following day Alberto decided to quit his job as a lawyer and venture out on the big sea, under his new profession as a sailor. At every harbor they anchor, he goes straight to the nearest Tavern where he sings his heart out about his betrayed heart. Still not giving up on love, he has his engagement ring pierced in his right ear should the woman of his new dream one day stand before him. So far he has not found her, but he has explored every single coastal city in the Mediterranean, and is still searching with a broad smile.

Size: 80 x 100 cm.
Materials: Spray and acrylic paint.    
Price: 6.500 kr.

Not much is known about Luis except what he tells people late at night. According to these stories, he was born with a pair of dancing shoes, and the very first steps he took was part of a perfected dancing sequence in mixed moves of Tango and Salsa. Supposedly his nickname as a teenager was firecracker, as he often ran out on the street, dancing, jamming og singing ‘bap, bap, baba-diuuuuuuuu’ while pointing electrified to the moon with his eyes closed.

Size: 80 x 100 cm.
Materials: Spray and acrylic paint.    
Price: 7.500 kr.

The very first time the three members met was in Argentine at one of the beaches at Mar del Plata. The sun had just settled, and through the night they discussed the world situation alongside their own personal problems. They talked until the sunrise, and finished their random meeting by agreeing to make it an annual event. Over the course of the last 12 years, their rendezvous have turned into a live jazz show that last through the night. Here they sing, play and dance their hearts out, and while in this therapeutic state of mind they refer to themselves as ‘The 3 Free Jazz Men’ and perform under the following poetic manifesto:
Free of Materialism
Free of Preconceptions
Free of Stress
Free of Worries

Full of Joy
Full of Music
Full of Movement
Full of Laughter
Full of Life

Full of Soul!
and with sand between our toes

Each painting is 80 x 100 cm.

Fhree Jazzmen

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