"What is Denmark? if it is not an artistic expression amongst red and white squares?". This is the mantra for my pavilion at the Heartland Festival, located at Egeskov Castle. The installation is a twist on a traditional dream bed, with focus on functionality and interaction. This dreamy lounge invites the guests into a slow moving universe of red and white squares, that stays controlled within the bed itself. On the other side, people can sit at the edge, and be close to strangers as if they were sitting on a bench. Still, they stay divided by the red and white cloth, that has become a light wall. It adds intimacy to the encapsulated beds, while offering a sitting area for people to use, on all sides of the beds. The pavilion is completed by lines of fabric connecting the beds as one lounge, plus making the flagpole the center of the pavilion.        
The sign is set up to challenge the thoughts of the guests. To make their mind wonder, to reflect or to dream about Denmark. What is Denmark? Is it just at country? Is it more than a country? Is it potatoes? Is it the land of beech? Is it television without recognition? Is it a social gathering? Is it free? Is it closed? Is it reserved? Is it conservative? Is it creative? Is it the only country in the world with this so-called Hygge phenomenon? What is Denmark?
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The Danish Pavilion for Heartland Festival 2017

The Final Day
To mourn the ending of the festival the fabric was put on half the final day, adding a new dimension to the installation. Now, with the blowing fabric at chest hight, people are being forced to move underneath the fabric before they can enter a dreamy bed. Besides stretching their bodies as they interact, the challenging fabric gives the guest a feeling of achievement and seclusion once they lay down onto the bed.