Endless Dreaming

Installed underneath a weeping beech, to increase the level of privacy and quietness for the guests of Heartland Festival. Creating absolute comfort for users to enjoy, amongst heavenly surroundings crafted by nature itself. Placed in nature, to save materials originating from nature. One plus one is two. Like rocket science, belonging to people who will never live on another planet, than this earthly circle of green and blue.
This design allows for people to chill alone, or to connect with others personally and intimately. The level of interaction between nature and design creates a natural atmosphere for relaxation. Lowering peoples' personal guard, opening strangers to talk. Connecting through natural causes.
The dimmed lights in warm colours, fits the surroundings, turning the soothing installation into a five star hotel bed. Perfect for your newest love, or to capture a natural need of sleep. The bulbs were put up to shed light on the space given by the tree. Enlightening it from a far, like fireflies in the night. The dimmed colour were selected to create an atmosphere perfect for some midnight jazz.

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