The keywords for this installation were the following: Simplistic, relaxing, soothing, meditating, openminded, co-existing, free, individual and natural. The final result was three varying cubicles built on the same foundation. The difference in height, gives a new experience from cubicle to cubicle, as you lay your head onto the mattress, looking into new heights of nature.

By leaving the top open, the installation gets incorporated with nature. Around the old weeping beech, branches and leaves turns into the roof. Giving an adequate setting for a natural dreamy atmosphere. With low hanging branches, covering most of the area like a huge tent stemming from the treetop. The user gets closer to nature, they feel more in sync. When they look directly up into flapping leaves and swaying branches, their mind gets a break from everyday life, and the soul becomes recharged. Getting ready for another day at the festival.
Though the sides of the cubicles were made of see-through garments, it easily created intimate moments, where friends and loved ones felt private. With people walking right by, the exclusive feeling remained, because of the relaxing surroundings, and the fact that you where in your own place (cubicle). The space between the cubicles, was used for waiting and chatting. Always leave space for people to meet, or to catch a break. The design, the construction and the understanding of nature and people, worked so well, that the visitors even used the installation as regular beds, where they slept during the night.

The Natural Pavilion
Moments underneath an old weeping beech.

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