NaturaLily was created in 6 days. A similar painting was accepted for exhibition in Los Angeles, but was also rented out. Created a similar piece on loose canvas, rolled it in a tube and boarded the airplane. Final touches and stretching was made at an outside basketball court. A preferred habitat from a career in younger years. The gallerist accepted NaturaLily without commenting. For the trip I brought two other paintings. They were finished amongst basketball and handball courts at Venice Beach. Before the homeless took over the spots as the sun went down. Day after the reception at Shockboxx I met Luuk and Lysann in hostel kitchen. The following day we drove to San Diego. There I visited galleries, had existentialistic talks in another kitchen, and walked La Jolla Cove for the perfect sunset.

NaturaLily in Los Angeles


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Some poetry:
Backtracking of compressed week: Painting for Californian exhibition Shockboxx Gallery accepted. Original artwork rented out, only solution, create better brighter piece. Paint, paint, paint, hop on board without sleep, cross the Atlantic Ocean. Check-in, walk 41 minutes, observe nightly foreign streets, buy stretcher, head back, drink two beers, lay on your back, fall in love with your hostel bed. Wake up 6 AM, no jet lag ordered, airport chocolate and black coffee is breakfast, stretching painting, basketball bouncing in back, finalizing evening details, continued morning after, followed by signature! Jump in first fair Uber, hand deliver art to gallery, check yourself near the sea. Walk the strand with shinning sand, walk some more, remember it is your birthday, realize your thirst, find a bar, order a beer, cheers! Stay tuned, next update is near 🎨✌️🐎☀️🎨

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