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Streamlined Klondike

Philosophy of this functional installation:
As a physical reflection of first impressions, Streamlined Klondike sets the tone from two sides. One from the outside and another from the inside. Just like the saying: 'There is two sides to a coin.' People are often different than they first appear, once you get to know them. Inspired by this, I designed the installation from two perspectives. Resulting in a well constructed clash, developing smoothly as you walk closer, to enter the cubicles.
Sharp Nordic lines form the exterior, painted in the original Heartland colours. The interior consists of raw furnitures made from natures leftover, indulged in a punk-like grafitti decoration with words of wisdom. Giving the users sentences of play to explore. Polished on the outside, and rebellious at the core.

The squared shape, along with the clean cut walls, gives a solid fundament, allowing people to lean their backs against the walls. Inside, furnitures were made from nature's leftover, to contrast the fine alignment of the outside. At the same time the rustic interior creates a smooth transition between the installation and the forest lake behind the trees.    
To give the guest the full design experience, the installation shows how nature can be used to shape its surroundings. Luring people away from the main road, to a box of privacy and intimacy. In natural surroundings life gets a new perspective, viewed through various framing. The framing puts objects into a more direct context, as nature's fresh air is enjoyed amongst refreshing wooden constructions.

Life is art.